Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cold Weather Accessories: Part 3 - A Hat on Every Head

{By Amy Elizabeth}

I have loved hats for a very long time, especially vintage hats. To me, it’s very interesting that it was only in the recent past that we did away with hats for the most part. It used to be a woman would never dream of leaving her house without a hat or bonnet on her head. I’m very glad that they are making a comeback!

Fedoras have been popular for a few years, but the trend is definitely still a strong one. For more interest, choose one with an unique texture or print.

This gray sweater knit fedora is a fun option. Try wearing it with a very modern, casual outfit, like a cobalt blue tunic with leggings and riding boots. Or if you prefer to be a little more subtle, go with more neutral colors and a lot of texture. Jeans and a long, chunky-knit sweater would be fun.

I absolutely love this hat! The saucy tilted brim is so fun, and the color contrast and texture are great. It’s a fun and fresh take on the fedora. For this style, you could definitely go more formal. I love the vintagey blouse the model is wearing – almost straight out of the 1940s. Just add a slim, knee length skirt, your favorite heels and you’re good to go!

Vanessa Hudgens picked a light colored fedora for warmer weather, and Victoria Justice is wearing one in plaid. Both are creative approaches to a classic style.

Cloche Hats are so very vintage! And do you know, I’ve actually seen them at stores like Target and Kohls!

This is a wonderful modern, designer soft fabric cloche. The little bit of hound’s-tooth fabric peeking out from the brown is fun and eye catching. This is the type of hat that could go almost anywhere! Wear it with a simple black dress and a thin belt for dressy occasions. For a low-key outfit, pair with a t-shirt, jeans, and a long scarf.

This purple felt cloche is so delicious. The pert flower on the side has so much character! Personally, I’m not sure if I could pull this one off, but I’m sure some of our readers could do it justice! I would pair this one with charcoals, grays, and black, perhaps adding a small square scarf with a pop of complementary colors.

Here are some more examples – Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a basic black cloche with a boucle skirt suit, and Angelina Jolie wearing a beautiful tan cloche for a film set in the 1920s. Look around and see if you can score any fun cloches at your local stores!

Last but not least, the Beret is really big for this Spring season. And there are so many ways to wear them! I’ve only recently been converted into a beret fan, and I wanted to save the best for last!

This is so, so cute! It has to be one of my favorites! The creamy, open knit hat would go with almost anything. If your style is vintage romantic, this hat was made for you. For casual, this would be very cute with a sweater dress over jeans. Slip on ballet flats and a soft paisley scarf to finish the look. Or wear it with a full, knee length skirt, a belted sweater, and high-heeled pumps.

Sequins are also big. The fun thing about this hat is that you can also dress it up or down. A knee-length denim skirt with leggings and boots for a fun outing with friends, or a classic black dress for a dressing up. Just because it’s sparkly doesn’t mean it can’t be casual!

Selena Gomez is wearing a classic cream felt beret. I love how she paired it with wide pants and a ruffly blouse. And Rachel Bilson dressed her cream knit beret up for an event with a brocade dress and a fun jacket.

Just because I love berets so much, I’m going to show you extra ways to wear them!

You can tuck your hair into a chunky knit beret and pop on some sunglasses. Voila!

And here’s another example of a more formal outfit. The pink felt beret really pops.

Lastly, a fun striped knit beret. Comfortable and cute at the same time!

Note: I would recommend checking out the clearance section in the accessory departments. Right now a lot of stores are getting rid of berets, cloches, and fedoras! Nothing is as thrilling as getting a good deal...

Coming Soon...
Cold Weather Accessories: Part 4 - Legwear

Amy Elizabeth is currently studying fashion design in Illinois, with a special interest in Bridal and historical costuming.  Her style changes depending on her mood, but vintage-bohemian-romance kind of gives you an idea of her favourite look!  Accessories are her specialty!

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Angie said...

*In Raptures*! Love all of them, amazing - that I want all of those even with my own extensive collection of vintage hats! Cloches just make my day :-D

Great post!

{ jessica } said...

Oh! Lovely, lovely! I must agree with Angie - the vintage hats are *amazing*... However, I do have a question - I have a face shape that doesn't work with that the cloche :(
It's very, *very* sad as I adore that style! but I've tried on several and they just don't look good (they make my face look round). So how do I find a hat that works for me? I've also tried styles that are similar to the cloche trying to find something "1920ish" that will work, but I still haven't found anything... So what about writing a post on different hats for different face shapes :)

Kate said...

I love the fedoras! They add to much personality to an outfit. = )

Natasha Atkerson said...

Jessica: I too have a round/oval shaped face, 1940's hats would look good on you. Just make sure you curl your hair kind of poofy, and pull it at both sides of your face, this will give the illusion of a slimmer face. Just some suggestions! I LOVE the 1940's hats, but I can't bring myself to pay $18, I know bad! But I'm a cheap skate! Can anyone tell me somewhere cheap to buy one???? Contact me on my blog if you do!

KaHolly said...

Delightful post today. I love hats! Brings back a lot of memories for me. When I was young, I wore hats of all types. I used to entertain my mom while shopping by trying them all on for her. We'd laugh and laugh. Some hats just aren't for everyone!

K├╝rti Andrea said...


sarah said...

I Love Cloche hats!
My Daddy and I recently went on a hat shopping trip, and he bought me a gray one. :)

AlissandraM said...

ooh i love hats. but you left out my favorite kind! newsboy caps!

Lucie Manette said...

I LOVE hats! I recently made myself a beret in this deep red color. I love it...

I was wondering if you had any ideas about how to wear hair under hats...especially berets and cloches...thanks!

Simply Amy said...

These hats are charming. I need to work on incorporating more into my wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amanda Flynn said...

I just loved this post so much - didn't Amy do a fabulous job! Thanks for all the love you girls are showing her - I'm so glad to have her on board as a contributor! :)

As far as hats for different face shapes and et cetera - we'll keep that in mind! Thanks for all your wonderful comments!