Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Miss Alice

Guess what I'm going to see today! :)

Well, Alice in Wonderland finally hit our local "dollar theater" and so I finally get to satisfy my curiosity and see how I like this movie. I will admit that when I saw the original previews I was kind of weirded out. Everything certainly looked a bit over the top and I wasn't sure if I could handle it. But, the more I saw of the film (maybe it was all of those TV spots during the Olympics ;), the more it began to grow on me. Once you get over the fact that it's completely different from the book (actually an "artistic" blending of both Alice books) and that everyone's just a wee bit "mad" (except for Alice herself) it might just be enjoyable. (I'll tweet later and let you know which side of the "mixed reviews zone" I'm on after viewing it.)

Regardless of whether or not the movie is worth paying $1 to see, the costumes in the film sure look stunning. Designed by Colleen Atwood, I think they capture the feeling and flavor of Miss Alice and are just delightful. This blue one is a dream; with sheer sleeves, buttons, lace, and yummy embroidery at the hemline. The red dress takes Alice a little bit out of her traditional look, but is equally stunning. A red strapless dress with a full skirt and layers of tulle contrasts sharply with the black and white striped overlay. It's a very different style, but one that Alice is equally at home in.

As someone who read both Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass at a young age and has always been passionate about determined young heroines like Miss Alice, I have always found her fashion be very interesting. Although the original book illustrations were done in black and white, it seems that she has always been identified as wearing blue (at least since Disney's 1951 film). I think it suits her perfectly.

Have you got any "Wonderland" ensembles just waiting to be pulled out of your wardrobe? Below is a set of lots of pieces to hopefully provide you with some inspiration...

Miss Alice

Starting with something either white or blue as your main piece is perfect. Whether you've got a cute little sundress, a ruffled skirt, sweet baby-doll top or lacey blouse, go for something innocent and Victorian-inspired. Once you've got a base for the rest of your ensemble, mary jane shoes or button up boots and a feminine and romantic headband make it complete. And of course, you can go just wild with accessories! May I recommend fingerless gloves and "white rabbit" necklace? :)

Be sure to click on the collection of pieces above to see all the individual items and get ideas. There's lots of ways to create a "modern Alice"look for everyday  wear. 

Have you seen the new film or do you intend to? What were your thoughts? And how has Alice in Wonderland been special to you (or not) in the past? Any fond childhood memories? :)

Be sure to check my Twitter later in the afternoon for a post-movie update!
(UPDATE: I loved the movie! Full details in the comments! :)

Images: Fan Pop


Keri said...

Amanda, where is there a dollar theater? That would be good information to know!!!

If you don't want to post it for public knowledge, you can email me at quaintandquirky at gmail dot com.

~ Keri

Fetesha N. Downs said...

If you liked that red dress a lot, there's actually a company that makes an inspired EGL dress from it--http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-1858/Alice-in-Wonderland-Cosplay/Detail

Celine said...

I love the costumes too! BTW, did you know that someone's making the "Down the rabbit hole" dress? She's embroidering the hem and everything!

Marian said...

I've always been an Alice in Wonderland fan; I LOVE the books, and the original illustrations, and the Disney animated movie. :) It's just a really random, charming, English, and witty story; it's so simple, but very unique. I haven't seen the new film, and I wasn't planning to; but I look forward to hearing what you think of it! I might see it on DVD someday. :)

I LOVE some of the Alice in Wonderland jewelry you posted!! Especially the knight necklace! I have a blue ruffled blouse that reminds me of Alice's dress, and it's one of my favourites. :)

Corbyjane said...

I still haven't seen it... but I'm excited to see what you think! I haven't seen any movies in theatre since November. =/

Amanda Flynn said...

Ok, so I'm back from the movie and... I LOVED IT.

I thought it was beautifully crafted, perfectly cast and just magical. I expected it too be really wacky, dark or twisted (that's the vibe I originally got from the previews) but it wasn't. At least, not any more than the original book. Actually, the storyline was much more coherent and less bizarre than the book.

It's also very clean - a few very minor innuendos and I didn't catch any language. There is a little violence and some slightly gruesome things (heads floating in the moat, et cetera ;) and the creatures are probably scary for young kids. But a wonderfully "problem free" movie overall.

As this is a "sequel" of sorts to the original story (Alice is returning to "Underland" without remembering her previous visit), don't expect it to follow either of the books closely. BUT it totally captures the essence of Wonderland and the feel of all the characters perfectly, and there's so many great things from the books slipped in that it feels like you're visiting an old friend.

Two thumbs up and heartily recommended (once again, IF you're not turned off to the general wackiness of Wonderland in the first place ;).

Amanda Flynn said...

Keri - There's a handful of them around. We hit the East Prov one: http://patriotcinemas.com/ Of course everything gets there way late and the screen quality isn't the best, but hey! It's only $1.99 ($1 on Tuesdays)! :)

Fetesha - That's so amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Celine - Hmm... the link won't show anything to me. Do you have to have a livejournal account?

Marian and Corbyjane - See my first comment. :)

Celine said...

no, you don't have to have a Live Journal account... I don't have one, and I can still visit it. maybe it's your computer... sorry, but I don't know what could be wrong...

KaHolly said...

Hi Amanda, glad you liked the movie! I will definitely watch out for it. Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you have going on to keep you busy. Love to the family! ~Auntie Karen

*Ashley* said...

hey i just started blogging and reading your blog and its really great.
i thought the movie was pretty cool. different, but cool. plus it had johnny depp...hes the only reason it was good. and i absolutely loveed her outfits too. even her little arm bandage matched! ok, so as you can see i talk way too much....

Amanda Flynn said...

Celine - Hmm... that's weird. There doesn't seem to be anything on that page. It says Zero Entries. Bleh... :P

Auntie Karen - Thank you! It was a great weekend and very exhausting. ;) We all love and miss you! Hope all is well. :)

Ashley - Thanks for stopping by! I definitely thought that Johnny Depp was great. And the outfits were delicious. Yumm...