Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MAD for 1960s Inspired Fashions

Ladylike day dresses. Glamorous evening gowns. Smart and preppy pant and sweater ensembles. Vintage shoes. Costume jewelry. And oh, those yummy hair and makeup looks! The 1960s have been a major influence on fashion for the past few years... due to classic films, new television programs, books and blockbuster movies. It's an era that I was never fond of until the past few years, mostly because I had only seen 60s fashion from the pages of a few fashion history books, and they focused on the most bizarre trends, trapeze dresses, and Twiggy. The reality was that a great many women were still dressing a lot like they had in the previous decade, and comfortable with having a figure like Marilyn Monroe.

Now that I've seen a bit more of what women actually were wearing in the 60s, rather than just looking at fashion plates and advertisements from that decade, I absolutely love the styles. It's such an interesting time period, and a great mesh of the classic femininity of the past and the more edgy and futuristic looks that were coming into fashion.

These photos are from Banana Republic's official Mad Men collection, set to coincide with the start of the newest season of the popular television show. (A disclaimer here: I have not seen the show, and from what I have heard about it, it's not one that I would watch or recommend. That said, the costumes are pretty fabulous.) The designs in this new collection are classic, clearly 60s-inspired, and yet modern enough to look fresh and contemporary in the 21st century.

Anything from this collection can look either vintage or modern, depending on what the pieces are paired with, and how you finish off your ensemble. It's all in the shoes and accessories!

My favorite items are the sleek and sophisticated sheath dresses. They've become wildly popular over the past few years (thanks, Kate Middleton, for your contribution! ;) and are so ladylike and classy. I think they are the perfect look for a special occasion... particularly if you are attending a summer wedding!

I am also a big fan of the dainty cardigans, which are so versatile, and don't necessarily have to look "girly." And those brightly colored (or stark white) "cigarette pants" are just so, so timeless and chic. They remind me of Audrey Hepburn, and Mary Tyler Moore.

What do you think about the resurgence of 1960s fashions? Any styles you particularly love, or can't stand?

Does anybody else have some pretty cap toe flats on their wish list???


Images: Entertainista


Hannah said...

I agree about the beautiful collection Banana Republic debuted. Just fabulous. As for Mad Men, after ten episodes, I realized the main character wasn't going to stop cheating on his wife, so I stopped there.

Rissi said...

I wouldn't look good in them but those size "0" models sure do. ;-)

Amanda Flynn said...

Hannah - Eww, yuck. That's such a bummer. :(

Rissi - I disagree! I think that sheath dresses look fantastic on almost every figure (it's just got to be the right dress - fabric, cut, color - for you). Cigarette pants can be harder to pull off if you have any sort of rear end (like I do, lol ;), but the cardigans are universally flattering. IMHO ;)

Victoria said...

Amanda, what sort of sheath dress would you recommend for a short person who's shape is something between pear and hourglass? I love the look of sheath dresses but can never figure out how to make them work with my shape and build.

Amanda Flynn said...

Victoria - Here's an article about sheath dresses for pear-shaped girls that you may find helpful:
For me, (also slightly pear shaped, just because I'm so small on top) I would probably look for things that fit great through the hips and would be easy to take in on top with a few alterations. (I'm a seamstress and can do it myself, but you could have this done for you at a local shop. A great dress is worth a little investment! :)

Audrey said...

I've not seen Mad Men either, but I love the fashion photos I've seen from it. I wish the show was more decent, because the time period is something I definitely enjoy. From what I know of the '60s, the looks that many people associate with the time (Twiggy, etc.) didn't really come into vogue until the later part of the decade. I could be wrong, but from '60s TV shows (The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Andy Griffith Show, Bewitched, etc.) and movies from the time that I've seen it seems that the styles were a lot different--lots of tailored suits, boxy jackets, etc. Like what Jackie Kennedy wore. So I really love all of that stuff. Even some of the more geometric and futuristic silhouettes that characterized the later part of the '60s can be fun. I prefer the earlier stuff, though.

I like a lot of the Banana Republic stuff here, but it looks pretty contemporary to me. I was hoping they would go closer to what the fashions are on the show. Oh well. I still think this stuff is cute, and I like those spectator-type pumps!

Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...

love it!

Amanda Flynn said...

Audrey - Great thoughts! And I agree with you on the pumps. So chic! :)

STARZ* said...

I am LOVING the 60's/80's comeback! Love the heals,hair,make up...and EVERYTHING:) When your young you always dream about living in another era (I still do;) and we are being privileged to get as close as possible! LOL