Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Eyes

For Easter Sunday, I wanted to wear something keeping with the pastel color scheme of the holiday, without being too traditional and Easter dress-y. I paired a simple knit shirt with a striped skirt, complete with pleats, oversized buttons, and pockets. I also pulled out my "Buckingham Palace" satin heels that I bought on my trip to London in 09. They've appeared twice on the blog before (here and here) but this was the first time I've worn them out. And while they were bearable, they are definitely a bit too small. My feet hurt when I look at these photos.

I also decided to wear my new glasses, which I just got a a few weeks ago. I wore glasses from when I was eight up until I was sixteen, but it's been contacts ever since. So now people who have known me for years are marveling at how different I look and asking me if I can see so much better now, which is kind of funny. I plan on alternating the glasses with my contacts, both to save some money on the latter, and to add some variety to my look. It's nice that glasses are an accessory nowadays, and not just a dorky necessity. ;)

What I'm Wearing:
  • Shirt by SO wear it declare it - hand-me-down
  • Skirt by MERONA - hand-me-down
  • Shoes by laceys - from BULLFROGS in Greenwich, London
  • Glasses by SUCCESS:XPL in "Grape"
  • Earrings and Tights - unmarked

Tights are not something I'd usually wear with these open-toed shoes, but the chilly weather made it necessary. Fortunately, I had this neat pair on hand, with a kind of interesting design. I was also planning on wearing a headband as my "Easter Bonnet" piece, but with the glasses and earrings it was a bit overkill. My sister Lydia even convinced me not to wear any additional jewelry, but to keep things simple. I think it was good advice.

What did you wear on Easter Sunday? Please leave a link to your blog post and photos in the comments... I'd love to see! :)

Have a beautiful week!



Rissi said...

Cute skirt, Amanda. =) I am going with a lot of knee-length skirts this season - hopefully I'll find some cute things to pair with them.

Bree Holloway said...

This is adorable! I wish I had taken pictures of my Easter outfit, especially since I loved the way it turned out. But, alas, I did not. :(


Ella said...

Amanda, I am in SHOE ENVY right now....they look gorgeous!

I alternate between contacts and glasses for the same reason you do. Contacts are really expensive!

So glad you had a nice Easter

Olivia Howard said...

So cute, Amanda! Love the style of the skirt- it's so flattering! I've also not seen patterned tights done so well before modestly. :)

I wore these outfits Easter Sunday:

You look awesome in glasses. :)

Ashley P. said...

Simply adorable, Amanda! I love your shoes!!! And you are wearing glasses...you look good in them.

This is what I wore Easter Sunday: http://bramblewoodfashion.blogspot.com/2012/04/what-i-wore-easter-parade.html

Treskie said...

You looked adorable. :)

I wore this: http://teresadelallo.blogspot.com/2012/04/woot-woot.html

:) God bless

Marie Danielle said...

Cute! I love the tights with the blue shoes. It looks lovely!

Simply me said...

I love your outfit! And I've always loved glasses on people! They are totally an accessory and I love it! Thanks for sharing your fabulous inspiration! Miss you a bunch!

SisterlyLove said...

LOVE your glasses!

STARZ* said...

I LOVE your shoes! The color is awesome:) They say that beauty is pain and they sertenly are pretty;)

Ella said...


Amanda Flynn said...

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments, and also for those who posted links to THEIR Easter outfits - I loved them! :)

Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...

Love it!!!